6 Exterior Updates You Can Make to Increase Your Home’s Value

As the weather gets warmer, the days grow longer, and you spend more time in your yard, you may start identifying areas where you can improve or upgrade your home’s exterior.

At Cedars Woodworking and Renovations, we are an award-winning exterior contractor. We specialize in specific outdoor upgrades that add comfort and value to your home. So, whether you are looking to add curb appeal before you sell your house, or you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your backyard, the team at Cedars can help you improve your home’s exterior.

Here are 6 improvements we can make to the outside of your home or your yard.

Exterior Home Renovations and Updates

1. Historic Millwork Restoration

Because of Central PA’s rich history, there are thousands of historic homes in Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. Over time, the millwork and casings around windows and doorways can rot, fade, or get damaged. We design and install millwork that matches your existing trim, so you can keep your home’s historic appearance. We can fix damage done by the elements or by past repair attempts. Our custom millwork process combines technology and skilled handcrafting to recreate millwork that fits your home perfectly.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

Our skills with indoor kitchen renovations transfer to outdoor living spaces and patio kitchens. Working with your hardscping contractor, we can design and build custom cabinetry to store dishes and grilling supplies, as well as built-in cabinets to protect your outdoor entertainment center.

Cedars Woodworking provides outdoor cabinetry for the Lancaster, PA area.

3. Updates to Outdoor Living Spaces

Adding a trestle, pergola, or pavilion to a backyard is a popular way to create or enhance an outdoor living space. Our woodworkers can use these to give you a space to relax, play, or entertain in your backyard.

4. Privacy and Security Gates

We can create a visually-stunning gate to add to your home or property. This can be used to keep your backyard private, to keep unwanted visitors out, or to add an element of style and sophistication to your hardscaping.

5. Entryway or Front Porch

Add an upgraded entrance to your home with a covered front porch complete with columns, roof, and decorative millwork. This creates a warm, inviting entrance to welcome guests and family into your home.

6. Decorative Elements

It is the finer details that can really make a home’s exterior stand out. Features like flower window boxes, shutters, and roof support brackets can showcase your sense of taste and creativity. We can add these features to your home, matching your desired style and functionality.

Contact Cedars for Your Next Home Renovation Project

When you are ready to start planning your next home remodel project, contact Cedars Woodworking. We can help you think through your design, determine a budget, and help you create the home you’ve always wanted. To schedule a consultation, contact us with our online form or by calling (717) 392-1736.

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Introducing Cedars Woodworking & Renovations

You may have noticed a recent change on our website: we have a new name! Instead of Cedars Woodworking & Interior Painting, LLC, we’ve officially changed our name to Cedars Woodworking & Renovations. This name change better reflects our company’s current focus on providing quality woodworking and home renovation services.

To see why we changed our name, you first need to see where we’ve come from.

History of Cedars Woodworking

In 1980, Steve Schmucker started a small painting business to pay for college. Called “Steven E. Schmucker Painting,” this fledgling company and young owner sought to distinguish itself from the competition by providing outstanding customer service and meticulous attention to every last detail.

Because of repeated requests, in 1995 Steve expanded his offerings to include custom woodworking services. This way, we could add custom millwork, trim, and finish carpentry to our clients’ projects. We also started refinishing furniture and building custom furniture for our clients.

Our first commercial workshop was nothing special; in fact, it was set up in the basement of Steve’s home. But from those humble beginnings, we have expanded our operation to include a CNC machine, professional woodworking equipment, and a larger commercial shop in downtown Lancaster. More importantly, we have gained the experience and expertise needed to create custom woodworking projects.

cedars woodworking shop in lancaster, paOur professional woodworking shop and showroom in Lancaster, PA

Focus on Home Renovation Projects

In recent years, we’ve been hired to do an increasing number of home renovation and remodeling projects in southcentral PA. From kitchen & bath remodel projects to living room updates, we use our deep woodworking and finishing skills to transform your home’s living space.

Customers value us for our design skills, upfront and honest communication, and our ability to guide projects from the design process all the way to completion. This can be seen in our recent recognition from the LNP Reader’s Choice Awards for our cabinetry, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, and exterior remodeling.

Our name change reflects our focus on helping homeowners reimagine their living space. Whether that is through custom furniture, updated trim and millwork, or a complete kitchen remodel, we are here to help you achieve your renovation dreams.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to integrity, quality work, and customer satisfaction. To start a conversation about your renovation or woodworking project, call us at 717-392-1736 or fill out our online form.


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Cedars is Hiring

Cedars is currently accepting applications for the following FULL TIME positions:

– Craftsman
– Painter/Finisher Craftsman

A detailed description of each job is located below.  If you are interested in applying for a position, please download and complete the Standard Application form as well as the Entry Questionnaire.  Once completed, these forms and your resume may be submitted via email to ann@cedarswoodworking.com Your application may also be submitted in person by visiting our office between the hours of 8:00am and 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. For more information please call 717.392.1736

Forms & Job Descriptions

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